Stephanie’s ARC Review of “Masking The Love” by Cait Marie

By: Stephanie Wyatt

Happy Pride to those who celebrate!

Masking The Love is a short story that takes place simultaneously with Making The Play during the second half of the story. It tells the story of Kade Issacs and Brent Adams, two baseball friends who fall in love.

I was always curious about Kade’s story when I read Making The Play, so I was excited to read this story.

The pacing was perfect. The story starts out with a game between the Vipers and the Honey Badgers. Brent and Kade play on opposing teams, and apparently have their entire baseball careers. Then, it follows them through college and their lives post-college.

I haven’t read very much fiction that involves a coming out story, but this is an amazing one. I love stories that are realistic and relatable. I think that whomever you love, you can relate to someone in this story.

There was so much love and respect from the families in the story. Kade and Brent still faced challenges in their baseball careers, but they had the support of their friends and family at the end of the day.

I adored the callback to Making The Play. It gave me more perspective into Kade and Kayley’s relationship as siblings. Readers get the full picture of why Kade acted the way he did. I also appreciated getting to know some of their other teammates.

The way Cait writes her characters always makes me excited to read anything she’s written about them. I feel like they are my classmates or friends. I would read a story about them doing a late night bar crawl or Target run.  

It is an extremely fast read. You could read it on the beach or on a car ride. You won’t regret it. It is available on Amazon. You can find it here

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