Cait’s ARC Review of “Fae’s Return” by Melissa A. Craven and M. Lynn

By: Cait Marie


A dangerous voyage.

The last hope for a kingdom on the edge of destruction.

Tia O’Shea is finally going home. It’s all she’s wanted since her arrival in the strange land, and yet, leaving Lenya feels like abandoning her heart and the one who holds it. But all of Lenya is in danger.

The fire plains encroach upon their lands, destroying villages and the fae within them. Soon, there won’t be anything left of the place she’s come to love. Not without the crystals that provide the only magic the Lenyans have. The same crystals that are in short supply. The same crystals that lie in abundance across the four kingdoms on the other side of the fire plains.

To reach them, they have to find a way home. And that means traversing the violent maelstrom beyond the Vale of Storms—a voyage no sailor has ever survived and few have attempted. If they stay, they will die. If they leave, they will also likely die, but they have to try.

Tia’s family awaits her return, but Keir doesn’t want to let her go. And the fae of Lenya hope their leaders can conquer the storm and reach the foreign shores in time. Because that’s all they have left.


Fae’s Return is the ninth book in the Queens of the Fae series.

Prepare to lose yourself in this beautifully wicked epic fantasy world with masterful world building, dark and twisty secrets, lies, powerful magic—and devastatingly handsome fae princes.


Just when I think I can’t love this series any more, the authors turn around and give me another fantastic read.

This is the ninth book in the overall series and the third in Tia’s trilogy, and I have to say… her story is my favorite so far. I loved getting to know this new generation of characters, visiting new lands, and seeing how the worlds connect.

There was much more of an adventure vibe in this trilogy, especially this third book, which was really fun. It still had romance elements, but that was never main the focus. Though, what did exist was done well. The tension and build up was just right for the story.

Tia and Keir are such great characters, but I also really loved the side characters. Everyone felt well developed and whole, making me want their stories too. I’m super excited Gullie is getting his own trilogy next! I cannot wait for more of this world.

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