Hunger & Cursed Shadows: An Epic Dystopian Fantasy (Blood & Magic Eternal)

Author: Jessaca Willis
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Darkness looms over the realm. And it’s hungry for blood.

Only a few months after Halira saved Arcathain from destruction, she and her sister Kalli learn of an attack in a neighboring town.

They investigate, only to discover the horrible truth: Not all monsters died in battle that day. Some still thirst for blood.

When the realm needs a second saving, will our heroes rise triumphantly? Or will they plunge the continent into a new oblivion?

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Hunger & Cursed Shadows is an epic, dark fantasy, vampire prequel that bridges the twenty-year gap of time between the Primordials of Shadowthorn series and Blood & Magic Eternal. It is strongly recommended that readers follow the proposed reading order below:

Shadow Crusade (Primordials of Shadowthorn, 1)
Blighted Heart (Primordials of Shadowthorn, 2)
Immortal Return (Primordials of Shadowthorn, 3)
Hunger & Cursed Shadows (Blood & Magic Eternal, 0)
Blood & Magic Eternal (Blood & Magic Eternal, 1)
Death & Wicked Monsters (Blood & Magic Eternal, 2)

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