Cait’s ARC Review of “The Chef’s Kiss” by Ann Maree Craven & Michelle MacQueen

By: Cait Marie


Welcome to Superiore Bay, Maine, your little slice of heaven on the coast. Come visit us for the best small-town gossip, all the wine you can drink, and wild horses. Once you’re here, you’ll never want to leave.

He’s her boss… …nothing more.
Jorgina Ashford was once the princess of Superiore Bay. As the daughter of the man who controlled, well, everything—including her—she had an image to uphold, one that threatened to choke the life out of her.
So, she left.
Four years later and she’s back. A beloved daughter returned with a secret that’ll turn her from prodigal to fallen princess.

As the son of famed celebrity chefs, Hudson Silverman was the toast of New York City. Everyone dreamed of dining at his Michelin starred restaurants. Restaurants he didn’t own. Businesses that could fire him at will. And they did.
A scandal sends him in search of a job. Any job as long as it’s out of town. A terror in the kitchen, Hudson is desperate for employees at the new restaurant he’s been hired to open. No one wants to work for him until he hires the one girl who can open all the doors barred to him in this strange small town.
A girl he can’t seem to intimidate.
Jorgina and Hudson are opposites who shouldn’t work. Not in their partnership or their budding frenemy relationship.
When Jorgina’s secret comes to light, she might just learn the toughest door to open is the one to Hudson’s heart.

Come to Superiore Bay for an escape into this heartwarming and sweet, small town romance with beautiful sunrises, protective brothers, lovable town-gossips, a complicated enemies to lovers relationship, and a family that will steal your heart.
The Chef’s Kiss is the fourth book in the Maine Mornings series. It’s a standalone novel with a guaranteed HEA.


This book. Oh man… It’s so, so good. I’ve just adored this entire series, but this fourth book might be my favorite. I think I’ve said that about all of them…

Jorgina and Hudson are both essentially trying to start their lives over for different reasons. This brings them both together, working to open a new restaurant in Superiore Bay. Hudson is a broody chef, and Jorgina is about to graduate with a business degree but has zero ideas of what to do after. She is sure she doesn’t want to work for her father’s wine company though.

Both characters like things their way. Both have something to prove to the world. And there is so much tension between the two that it’s just incredible. Their development, and the way they become reluctant friends, is what really did it for me. The fact that, despite being perceived as a chef with anger issues and a bad attitude, he almost immediately softens for Jorgina, making sure she is all right when he sees her leaving her father’s office in tears made me love him right away. And that behavior continues to peek through the hard shell he’s put up.

This book is a fun, quick read that’s hard to put down. The story was cute and clever, and it was different than these two authors’ usual books but not in a bad way. At all. It amazes me how they’re able to continuously crank out stories that each feel unique. I highly recommend The Chef’s Kiss for those who love sweet, clean romance. It’s wonderful, as is the whole series.

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