TBR Tuesday: April 2022

By: Cait Marie

Hello! It’s time for another TBR Tuesday! Last month, I only finished 4 books. It was rough. There was a lot going on between school, work, and a family vacation. I’m almost done with a few, so hopefully April is better.

Here are the books I want to read/finish this month (outside of a few editing jobs)…

House of Sky and Breath – Sarah J. Maas

I’m about halfway through this book and am obsessed. This series is just amazing.

Tokyo Dreaming – Emiko Jean

I’m about halfway through this ARC, and it’s really good. These books are adorable but also meaningful. It’s a great blend.

Fade into the Bright – Jessica Koosed Etting & Alyssa Embree Schwartz

I’m still working on this one and enjoying it. I think it’s going to destroy me though.

Ferryman – Claire McFall

I still need to find my paperback (it got misplaced in the move) and finish it. I was liking it so far.

Of Glass and Ashes – Elle Madison & Robin D. Mahle

I’ve loved this series so far and can’t wait to continue!

Rise of the Vicious Princess – C. J. Redwine

I have an ARC of this upcoming fantasy and cannot wait to jump in! C. J. is one of my absolute favorites.

This Woven Kingdom – Tahereh Mafi

I still need to read this! A friend just told me she finished and loved it, so I’m even more excited now.

What are you hoping to read this month? Let me know in the comments!

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