Enchanted Locks

Author: Maria Vermisoglou
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Life as a witch is hard. Hell is worse.

Be prepared dear reader, for this is no gentle bedtime story…

Fortuna has led a good life as a demon-slaying witch in the White Land until now…

Kidnapped by a demon and locked into a tower with no way out, she’s devastated to discover her powers disappeared.

However, when a handsome stranger flies past her prison, she must set aside her distrust and ask for help.

With only weapons her deadly hair, she must come to trust this strange man if Fortuna wants any chance at escape. But can she overcome her distrust in time, or will she be tormented in Hell forever?

Enchanted Locks is a dark fantasy paranormal romance story with slow-burn romance that contains mild violence and some steam. If you love witches and dark fairytales, welcome aboard!

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