In The Garden (Forevermore Book 5)

Author: Ariel Dawn
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Two paths cross in the garden of blood and temptation, but not all that glitters is gold…

After rising through the ranks of the renowned Boracelli coven, Eden finds herself hungry for more. She wants to be queen, but the key to getting what she wants lies in a rare breed of vampire no one has seen in ages…

Cassius Aurelia wants nothing more than to live peacefully among humans, taking only the blood he needs to survive. But Cassius wasn’t meant to live in the shadows…

Everything changes when he finds himself thrown into an opulent world of secrets and death… a world which may give him the answers he’s been searching for.

Can Eden escape her haunting past? Will the truth finally set Cassius free? Or will their sins follow them for the rest of eternity?

In The Garden is book five in the Forevermore Series, set in a world that includes vampires, psychics, witches, and other creatures of the night.

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