Mate Rising (Eve of Eternals Book 2)

Author: Sophia Davis
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When the world wants you dead, where do you hide?
I have been in Arcane Landing for three months, laying low and recovering from what the Virgo wolves did to me. Wanted by their pack, shut out from my own, and ghosted by my fated mate, what else could go wrong? That’s when news of my former fiance hits.

Hayden is missing. My best friend is a hostage, held as collateral for my actions. And the fae king has declared war on my pack. Fan-freaking-tastic.

The only thing I can do is search for Nicasia, the eternal fae I was once sworn to protect. If I can find her, will I know what to do? What it means to be an eternal protector? Or will this new magic swirling within me consume us all?

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