The Hummingbird’s Sayang: A Dark Psychological Romance

Author: Faith Twardzik
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From the award-winning author comes a luxuriously descriptive, decadently dark, and lusciously erotic novel about obsession, sensual freedom, sexuality, and the incredibly beautiful, often misunderstood relationship between a Dom and a Sub – entirely inspired by a true story.

He’s the Arab heir to a multi-million-dollar global corporation. She’s a hopelessly shy, iron-willed strawberry-blonde computer science nerd who grew up in the cornfields of the Midwest. If you looked up the definition of night and day in a dictionary, you might just see a photograph of them.

As fate would have it, they land in the same programming class. And then he ghosts her – for a year and a half. So, what could she do, but fall in love with a 27-year-old Vietnamese car salesman instead? That is … until he promises her a white picket fence and forgets to mention the Peet’s barista fondling his coffee beans on the weekend.

Cue the soul-crushing agony of first love. And who should swoop into her match pile of potential rebounds, but her black-eyed Arab Dom from Dubai?

The euphoria of his touch sets her free, but his aloofness towards the women of his ‘harem’ flings her on a downward spiral toward obsession. She chases the love he refuses to give, falling instead into the arms of three other men and one woman – Minjoon, the puppy-eyed Korean cuddle bug, Jin, the war-torn Balenciaga poster boy, Ling, her Japanese math genius of a TA, and Anna, the striking Colombian voice actress.

But … how far will the lines of identity and mis-identity blur in the face of an all-consuming obsession for one unreachable man? And how far will obsession lead the men who fall for her?

“The Hummingbird’s Sayang” is an evocative examination of the non-idealized realities of BDSM, our endless obsession with temptations of the flesh, and the line between personal development and destruction of self-identity.

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