Cait’s Review of “Fae’s Rebellion” by Melissa A. Craven & M. Lynn

By: Cait Marie


A powerful fae princess desperate to escape her future.
A broody prince holding her captive.

Tia O’Shea just wants to go home, back to the palace among snowy fields where her twin brother amplifies the power inside her, and her father tries to secure the future of the throne through her marriage.
A marriage she doesn’t want and refuses to consider. As a future queen, Tia only wants a choice in this one part of her life.
On the night of the ball to introduce all possible suitors for her hand, she escapes to the human realm, planning to return after everyone has come to their senses. She never expected anyone to follow her, let alone her best friend and two of her suitors.
When the portal home goes awry, she finds herself separated from the others, without her magic, and stranded in a kingdom she knows nothing of, a kingdom torn apart by generations of war.
Tia has been through her fair share of war, she knows what happens to those caught in the middle, but avoiding it might not be possible if she wants to find her friends.
To recover her missing magic and find a way back home across the treacherous fire plains, she might have to wade right into the fight.
But first, she has to escape the prince claiming her as prisoner.

Fae’s Rebellion is the seventh book in the Queens of the Fae series. It begins the story of Tia O’Shea, a familiar face all grown up and struggling for independence in a world full of powerful magic and heightened expectations.

Prepare to lose yourself in this beautifully wicked epic fantasy world with masterful world building, dark and twisty secrets, lies, powerful magic—and devastatingly handsome fae princes.


I’ve loved this entire series, but I think Tia’s story is my new favorite.

The first three books read as a complete trilogy, the next three as another, so this seventh book is the start of the next, and it’s absolutely amazing. The trilogies within the series can technically be read on their own, so you can start with this one, but I highly recommend all of them.

I loved jumping back into this incredible world Craven and Lynn have created. They expanded it so well with the few books, but this one really took it to a whole other level.

The characters, however, are what drew me in and made it difficult to stop reading. Tia is strong and fierce, but she’s also relatable. Her friendship with Gulliver is one of my favorite things ever. It’s so pure and loving, and it just made me smile, even when they were facing some intense situations.

Then, there are the new characters, Keir, Eavha, and Declan, among many others. Keir and Eavha are the prince and princess of Lenya, and Declan is their friend and guard. We all know this is my favorite trio trope of all time, so I was very happy. Keir is broody and a fighter, but he’s loyal and wants to do right by his people. Eavha is the sheltered princess who wants more of a life. Declan is their guard and Keir’s best friend, and I ship him and Eavha so hard it hurts.

Together, with Tia and Gullie as prisoners, we get to see the workings of this new kingdom and its internal battles for power. Everything was just very well developed.

The writing, as usual, was great, as was the pacing. It was a little bit slower at first, but that’s to be expected in the beginning of a trilogy that’s part of a bigger series. There’s a good bit of recapping and build up but not in an overwhelming or drawn-out way. It flowed well and wasn’t just a bunch of info dumps, which was really nice.

This was one of my favorite books of 2021. I loved seeing the evolution of these characters in this new story, and I’m so, so excited to see where they go next. I can’t wait for more!

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