Saturday Smorgasbord: End of the Year Reading

By: Christopher Bartlett

Even with it being a rough year, it still always amazes me as I get to the end of the year how fast it has gone. I didn’t get as many books finished as I wanted to, by far, though I did read some interesting things. And, as Christmas is here, I’m already contemplating my reading goals for next year. 

I know part of it will be cleaning up my Goodreads list and finishing any of the books I’m currently reading that are still on it. Other than that, it is mostly catching up with my favorite authors. One of which we lost just a week or so into December with the passing of Anne Rice. 

It was because of her son, Christopher Rice, that I first picked up a book by her. His podcast, The Dinner Party Show,  was so entertaining that I figured his mom had to be as well, which she was in her own way to me. Mind you, I tend to have dark humor, but both her and her son have often gotten me to laugh when I was feeling quite down. For me, when feeling depressed, laughter can be some of the best medicine and aid in me reaching out for help. 

Part of my struggle this year has been with depression, and with both Rices, as well as John Scalzi, I have been getting better slowly. Some of you, I’m sure, can understand why John Scalzi if you have seen his Twitter feed. Once you understand my liking of Scalzi, it is easy to see how Jim Butcher and Kim Harrison come so easily.

Though, everyone has a different author who makes them laugh the most. So, if you start feeling down but are not yet ready to talk to someone, I would say open one of those books for some laughter while sipping coffee or hot chocolate with Pluto’s TV’s Fireplace Channel (I get no compensation from them other than the sound of a crackling fire) in the background. It’s still important to reach out, don’t get me wrong. But sometimes, to get there, the only way is through laughter and coffee first. 

And while the new year is just around the corner it is important to take this week to rest and recuperate. Whether it is with a new book you’re looking forward to exploring or an old favorite that just makes you feel good. 

For me, it will be exploring a new way to write, and in some ways learning to type all over again. While some would call it work, I’m personally just having fun with it. And hopefully, the rest of you are finding things to do that are enjoyable for you as well this holiday season. 

As always, questions and comments are always welcome. As I go, I will do so borrowing a line as I wish you one and all a Merry Christmas and to all a good night.

*Tips his hat as he walks out the door and climbs into a red sleigh disappearing into the night.*

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