The Last Witch: An Earth Magic Grimoire

Author: T Wells Brown
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An ancient witch in modern society… what could possibly go wrong?

No mercy would be shown this night.

The Last Witch closed her fingers around a bottle and, with the force of a hurricane, slammed it at her feet releasing the precious gravesite dirt. She stepped onto the ancient soil, ignoring the glass as she curled her toes into the glorious mess she’d made.

Now she had them.

She shifted once more, hoping to cover the exposed dirt with her long skirts, but quickly realized in her true form, her skirts no longer touched the floor.

The Last Witch smiled to herself.

“You fools! You think to attack me?”

“The time has come, crone,” a disembodied voice said from a murky mass swirling on the ceiling of the attic. A ball of the green putrid flame roared at her. She flipped it away with a flick of her wrist, but the stench it left behind rocked her.

“Crone? What crone do you see?” Why did dark magic have to smell so bad, she wondered and doubled over quickly to grab handfuls of the dirt. She straightened with purpose.

“Upon my flame, I bind ye. To the wind, I cast thee. Beneath the deepest hallow, I condemn ye. Never to rise again, shall thee! Foolish foul ghoul, you are beneath me!” She threw the dirt at the darkness and blew. Her breath carried the precious soil toward the ceiling, and it burst into brilliant blue flames.

Seconds later, four screaming creatures hurled themselves at the ceiling in hopes of escape.

Escape they would not find.

After wraiths attack Thornwood Manor, the Last Witch believes it’s time to awaken the witch souls who had been placed in a death slumber for centuries.

It’s now or never. After all, the witches are nearly extinct, save one last survivor.

The first soul awakes to red-eye shadow snakes, ancient lake monsters, and a frigid lightless knight.

All with one goal; stop the first of the Thirteen from making it to the safety of Thornwood manor.

Magic, wolf shifters, evildoers, and incredible witch power Cassandra has no idea how to use.

Will she be the first of the thirteen to make it to the safe haven of Thornwood Manor? Or will all be lost for the magic and human world forever?

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