Cait’s Review of “Judgment” by Melissa A. Craven

By: Cait Marie


They claim the prophecy is about her. 
They say she will lead the Immortals into an unknown future. 
But she is angry. 
And that anger is all she has left.  

Allie Carmichael has so many secrets she doesn’t know what—or who—to believe anymore. After dropping a truth bomb that changed her world, Greggory McBrien has disappeared without answering the questions that have haunted her for months. The knowledge that her life was built on a foundation of lies and manipulation has left Allie in a twisted mess of emotions. She still feels overwhelmed with guilt for her mistakes that left her scarred for life and Quinn a captive of the Coalition. 

When she returns to school and her normal routine, Allie finds herself constantly dancing on the edge of losing control of her power, too afraid and too furious to confide in anyone––even her broody best friend, Aidan, who could be more than just a friend after that night in Agra they don’t talk about. 

An encounter at a dangerous Immortal nightclub gives Allie and her friends a chance to discover what really happened to Quinn. But as Allie continues to struggle with the nightmares that only Aidan can keep at bay, she doesn’t understand what her clairvoyant gift is trying to tell her. Just when she begins to put the pieces together, she fears it might be too late, and this time the price for her mistakes will be much too high. 

Last time she was afraid. This time she is angry. 


This series… I am absolutely loving it.

Judgment is book two in the Immortals of Indriell series, so I won’t go into a lot of specifics. I will say that I think I liked this book even more than the first. The pacing felt much smoother, and the intricate plot is so original and well done.

The characters grow so much in this book. Allie and Aidan are everything. I love them so much, and their friends are equally as amazing. I’m really glad they get books or short stories too. It brings the whole series together nicely, being able to see what’s happening in various locations. Everyone feels very well developed, especially in this sequel.

This book is so intense. There’s a lot of build up, and the ending did not disappoint. As I’m writing this, I’ve already read the next book too (review coming soon), but when I finished Judgment, I immediately wanted more. I highly recommend this series!

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