Friday Favorites: The Kindle

By: Christopher Bartlett

I know I already have many of you scratching your heads as to why the Kindle would be a favorite of mine at all. The Kindle, up till its latest updates, had been in its own little world, and I was fine with that. But then, with the updates, it started being like a regular tablet, just restricted, in my mind. The reason it is a favorite of mine is because it led me to see a wider world on a smaller screen. 

Now, granted, the hardware behind the Kindle is not as good as even some of the other tablets in the same boat out there. It does provide a gateway into tablets with how it gets you started with just reading at first then doing other things eventually on it. 

It also makes me question whether, in the future, laptops will survive. Or will it be more like having two budgets. One for having fun and one for making sure the house keeps running smoothly. That doesn’t mean writers wouldn’t find ways to procrastinate on the work still. Or that we won’t still have to deal with writer’s block. 

But we can carry our office with us, weighing less than most laptops and with the ability to swap pieces of it in and out as needed without losing anything really. Such as a mouse or physical keyboard, or the tablet itself while still having the files you were working on right there and ready to go.  

Yet, without the Kindle, I wouldn’t have discovered all of this. Even when all I was originally setting out to do was carry copies of all the books in my library. It also helps when your editor lets you experiment with how you make your columns, as well as your column style. 

The Kindle, by no means, is a fit for all. Like if you already know you will like a tablet and you’re just waiting to jump into something with better hardware specifications than the Kindle offers at this point. For me, it has been like discovering a mix of computers and the joy of reading all over again. That doesn’t mean I don’t still enjoy the feel of a real book in my hands.

I’ll touch on that more though in my other column; right now, I have to run since they are trying to put a window in my kitchen yet again. Nothing against windows, just my kitchen faces a hallway and my neighbor’s place. I think they might mind a window there. 

*Tips his hat walking out the door, yelling to the workers that there isn’t supposed to be a window in the kitchen.*

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