Mariah’s Review of “Spell Wielder” by Laura Greenwood

By: Mariah Brown

I started reading Spell Wielder by Laura Greenwood and was super excited to find that it was not like any of the previous books in the series. This time, the stakes were high because there was evidence on the body that incriminated Cassie. This was when I knew I had to keep reading. How were they going to figure out who was the actual criminal with all this evidence against Cassie?

This story was a great read. Cassie and her mates, Hadrian, Zack, and Isaac, all work for the Paranormal Criminal Investigation Unit. This means they have to solve all cases that involve the paranormal community. This makes the book interesting because it is more about the science behind a crime instead of the actual crime itself. Cassie works in the lab and analyzes blood and DNA.

I love how Cassie’s mates help solve the crime, even when it is Cassie who is on the line. They work together so well, which makes things more enjoyable to read.

Laura Greenwood incorporated a really good plot with drama, romance, humor, and suspense. All of these elements to the plot are very well put together, and none of them are overbearing on each other. I love how the whole plot was put together.

I felt very entertained with this book. Even though it is a shorter length, all of the information was pulled together for a really good ending. There were points where even some humor came through, which made it a fun read.

I give this book a 5/5 stars. I loved the flow and how well everything was made to be together. I highly recommend this series. It is really good.

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