Wolf and Flame (Uncharted Bloodlines, A Paranormal Romance Series Book 1)

Authors: L. M. Hughes & R. A. Cooper
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Darkness calls. It knows Kasspian by name.

My ancestor made a desperate choice. Now I’m the one left paying the price. Damn fae pact! Since my 18th birthday, demons have hunted me. With limited options and time against me, I answered the call of my Irish ancestor. I’m a warlock in training with a clear path to progression. That is, until destiny intervenes. Her name is Cara, and she captivates me at first sight. It doesn’t take long before I know she’ll be trouble.

Fate calls. It has big plans for Cara…

Raised by Wiccans, I’m an outcast with no magical abilities. My mother died when I was born and my father was exiled by his pack alpha. But there’s something they’re not telling me. With my mysterious heritage, the whole coven fears that my hidden wolf will break free. But I soon find out that’s the least of my worries. My whole world turns upside down when I meet Kasspian. There’s no denying the irresistible spark of forbidden attraction between us.

Unfortunately, any hope of gaining a normal life disappears all too soon. Blood wars erupt amidst the rise of a legendary evil. Now we must choose between family loyalties and our unbreakable bond.

Limitless power. A true mate. And uncharted bloodlines.

This is not a game, and the clock is ticking. How can we survive?If you like Buffy, demon-hunting adventures, and sensual, slow-burn romance, then you’ll fall in love with Wolf and Flame. Scroll up and click Buy to join Kasspian and Cara’s journey today.

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