Mariah’s Review of “Sparks and Marks” by Laura Greenwood and Arizona Tape

By: Mariah Brown

Sparks and Marks by Laura Greenwood and Arizona Tape is about a murder that is committed with a fingerprint left behind. Ambrose and Amy believe they have found the murderer really quickly until there are many other murders that start showing up from cold cases that are similar to this one. The Vampire council has to get involved because of their own set of rules. Does it make solving this crime more difficult or easier?

As always, I love Amy and Ambrose’s chemistry together. They are finally in a slow burn romance situation, and it makes my heart melt. I love how well they work together. It makes the book so fascinating to read.

I love how the authors trickle in their romance within the case. It makes the reader have many more feelings than a normal read. It also shows how well the authors can bring together a mystery with romance. With the romance being trickled in, it is not overbearing or taking over the story, which is amazing.

I loved how this story was written with multiple murders being brought in. I also loved the attention to detail that was made when it came to going through cold cases and how this happens in the real world. The authors show realistic details in all of the books in this series, and it makes the series that much more intriguing.

I rate this book a 5/5 star. It sticks to how a true case would be handled and makes me want to read more. I cannot wait for the fifth book to be released. I highly recommend reading this series.

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