Cait’s Review of “The Winemaker” by Ann Maree Craven & Michelle MacQueen

By: Cait Marie

Amazon Blurb

Welcome to Superiore Bay, Maine, your little slice of heaven on the coast. Come visit us for the best small-town gossip, all the wine you can drink, and wild horses. Once you’re here, you’ll never want to leave.

They’re rivals…
…nothing more.

Selena Contreras has inherited half her family’s once-thriving apple orchard, and she believes it can succeed again. Her big plans for expansion and diversification have two hurdles standing in her way.

A family stuck in the past.
And them. The Ashfords.

They live in their giant estate across the bay, their flourishing vineyards a beacon of their success. The two families have been rivals for generations, and now, the feud pits Selena against Conner, the middle and most infuriating Ashford son.
When the town steps in to quell tempers and force them to work together for the good of Superiore Bay, they may learn there is only one thing stronger than hate.

Come to Superiore Bay for an escape into this heartwarming, small town romance with beautiful sunrises, lovable town-gossips, a complicated enemies to lovers relationship, and a dog who will steal your heart.

The Winemaker is the first book in the Maine Mornings series, a standalone novel with a guaranteed HEA.


Modern time Romeo and Juliet (minus all the death) set in small-town Maine, where the two “heirs” are all but forced to work together when the townspeople decide they’ve had enough of this feud between the two families.

There’s drama. There’s betrayal. It’s enemies to lovers, with a cold man who’s secretly sweet and a fiercely independent woman with big dreams.

This book is everything.

It’s clean adult romance, and it does such a perfect job of giving the reader all the butterflies and feels without the “spice.” I love this new town the authors have created and all of the characters within. As most of you know, I’m a huge fan of their other books, so it’s exciting getting this new setting.

I’ve read and adored all of their YA romances, and I’m really enjoying the older characters and themes. It’s more relatable personally as the characters are around my age, but the books are still clean, which is great. It’s refreshing and easy to read.

As always, the book is well written. Craven and MacQueen do such a wonderful job of bringing these characters to life. I absolutely love Selena and Connor, as well as their brothers and friends.

I highly, highly recommend The Winemaker if you’re looking for a sweet romance.

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