Friday Favorites: Life-Changing Bands

By: Stephanie Wyatt

Missing The Beat, Cait Marie’s upcoming release, tells the story of an actress and a rock star finding their way to each other. This Friday Favorites is dedicated to the bands that have helped me throughout my life.

1. Simple Plan

This band was my introduction to pop-punk music. I would sing “I’m Just a Kid” around the house constantly. I sat in my room singing “Welcome to My Life” at the top of my lungs whenever I was punished. They have always been there for me whenever I’ve come back after a stint of not listening to music for a while. They are like the best friend that is willing to listen to your apology after you ditched them for your new friends. Their music is always there to welcome me back to the genre.

2. Good Charlotte

This was the first band I remember liking that came to our local area. I didn’t get to go because it was a school night, and my mom was concerned I would get hurt by a mosh pit. My favorite album is The Chronicles of Life and Death.

3. Paramore

Paramore was my introduction to female-led bands. They opened the door to artists like Hey Monday. My favorite album is Brand New Eyes because it has helped me through some tough times, and I still find the songs relatable today.

4. Fall Out Boy

Fall Out Boy is responsible for my music tastes today. They taught me about using art as a medium to express your emotions. I love how they have creative names for their songs. My favorite album is Take This to Your Grave. It’s one of the few albums where every song has been important to me in some way. They were also my first out-of-town concert with Paramore.

5. All Time Low 

All Time Low is the first band that I would argue I’ve gone full fangirl mode. I have watched every video and live interview I can get my hands on. I even wrote a flash fiction based on a character stealing one of their instruments. My favorite album is Wake Up, Sunshine. They helped me get through the past year without going insane.

What music or books have saved you? Who are your favorite bands? Let me know in the comments!

One thought on “Friday Favorites: Life-Changing Bands

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  1. Simple Plan, Maroon 5, Hoobastank, Westlife, NSync in elementary and high school. Paramore, Coldplay, Fall Out Boy and more during university days. I also like music by ABBA, Roxette, Queen and a whole lot more. I grew up in a house permeating with music. Country music was the major item in the menu. Let’s just say I have an eclectic taste in music.

    Yeah, recently I have been listening to more Korean songs, from KDrama OSTs to KPop music. 🙂

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