Stop My Bleeding Heart

Author: Victoria Anders
Get your copy here!

A friends to lovers romance with a fairytale retelling twist.

When I was five, my mother died.
When I was seventeen, my father was murdered.

I try to heal and count down the days to freedom.
Little do I know, my wicked stepmother is also counting down the days.

On my eighteenth birthday, I find myself orphaned, homeless, and broken-hearted. The only place I can seek shelter in is a home with seven guys.

One of them intrigues me.
He becomes my best friend.
He helps me heal.
He puts a smile back on my face.

Until he breaks, and he needs me to help him heal.
I’m there for him, but I’m blind to what he really wants.


Stop My Bleeding Heart is a coming-of-age tale with a Snow White retelling twist.

Modern-day rewritten fairytales.

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