The Last Warrior (The Wordmage’s Tales)

Author: Astrid V.J.
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Cynthia has struggled for years against the powers guiding her life. She wants to take back control. She wants the freedom to marry a man she loves and, more than anything, she wants to live up to the expectation she’s been saddled with. In her own mind she is far from worthy of being the head healer of her people. Can she overcome her self-doubt and feelings of inadequacy? Can she expand her awareness and become kinder to herself? Or will she allow everything that ever brought her happiness to slip through her grasp and turn to ashes?

TheLast Warrior is one of The Wordmage’s Tales, accompanying The Apprentice Storyteller. The apprentice has learned from master storyteller, Viola Alerion, and now he performs these classic tales from the Haldrian Empire in his own right.

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