No Place Like Homecoming: A Sweet YA Romance (Fall in Love Like a Princess Book 2)

Author: Maggie Dallen
Get your copy here!

Play the part. Win the guy. Be back in time for homecoming. 

I’ve been banished to hell. Well, my aunt’s small town in the middle of nowhere might as well be hell. There’s nothing to do, the people are lame, and the only part-time job my aunt can find for me is with the Princess Troupe—a company that hires girls like me to play the part of beloved princesses and children’s book characters for spoiled brats’ birthday parties. 

They’ve cast me as Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz. Oh joy.

The worst part of all? My parents sent me away ‘for my own good’ right when I’d finally scored a date to the dance with my dream guy. But I’m not about to let that stand. I’ll follow that stupid yellow brick road right home in time for homecoming. 

The plan is simple. Earn some cash and convince the school’s bad boy loner that he wants to give me a ride….thousands of miles away. Yeah, it’s a big ask. Especially since it’s hate at first sight for both of us. But trust me. I got this. I’ve been playing people for years. If I can play Dorothy from Kansas for a bunch of little twerps, I can absolutely convince Flynn that I’m his dream girl. It’s all one big act. Or at least it is…until it isn’t. 

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