Top Ten Tuesday: Nesta x Cassian Moments Leading Up to A Court of Silver Flames

By: Katie Robinson

So, we have all been looking forward to the release of SJM’s A Court of Silver Flames forever. If we are being real, waiting for Nessian has basically felt like 50 years of torture Under the Mountain. FINALLY, it has released, and I am sure that everyone has been devouring it like a gourmet late night snack, and I thought that this would be the perfect time to do a Top 10 post about the best Nesta x Cassian moments in the ACOTAR world leading up to ACOSF.

Since the first time I read the ACOTAR series, Nesta has been my favorite character from the entire series (aside from the Suriel who will always be #1). She is not perfect by any means, but she is a beautifully written character. As someone who holds multiple psych degrees, I feel 100% comfortable saying that SJM did a wonderful job writing Nesta and really showing how her trauma has impacted her behavior. A lot of people are rabid in their dislike for Nesta because “poor Feyre,” and I have found myself in several heated internet arguments about it. To those people I say, **insert vulgar gesture here** (iykyk). 

I have not even told y’all how I feel about Cassian. That man is a whole thirst trap created by SJM to make heartless heathens like me feel all of the things. It is probably a super good thing for my husband that Cassian is fictional, I’m just saying. Y’all can keep Rhys, Rowan, Dorian, Hunt, and all of the others. Cassian is where it’s at, maybe with some Azriel on the side. 

Friends… behold this list of the top 10 best Nesta x Cassian moments leading up to ACOSF. I hope you enjoy.

(SPOILERS from the first three books, but not ACOFS)

1. Nesta Goes Over The Wall

Feyre acknowledges that Nesta is the only person who would have attempted to venture into Prythian to save her. Tamlin had thought Feyre’s father would have tried to rescue her, but Feyre said he would not have had the courage but that her “hateful, cold sister had been willing to brave Prythian.”

2. How She Knew Tomas Was Not The One

Nesta told Feyre that she knew Tomas Mandray was not the one for her because he would not have gone over the wall with her to try to save her sister.

3. Cassian On Ice

When Cassian went to retrieve Feyre and Lucien from being stalked and attacked by Lucien’s brothers and he landed on the ice. That was hands down one of my favorite moments from that entire book. Just the sheer audacity and sass.

4. Cassian Saves Nesta In The Library

When Nesta and Feyre are being attacked by the Hybern King’s ravens in the library and Cassian comes to the rescue was a pivotal moment for me. It really took me from they might be kind of cute together to being prepared to go down with this ship.

5. Nesta Gives First Aid

When Cassian was hurt in battle and Nesta bandaged his hand and took care of him herself was another huge moment. Perhaps it is just me, but I feel like each time Nesta and Cass have a good moment like this, it always ends up ruined by the same person.

6. Nesta Shields Cassian

During the war with Hybern, when Nesta covers Cassian’s body with her own, perfectly content to die right there with him. It hurts my heart. After reading that scene alone, I do not understand how anyone could think Nesta is bad.

7. She’s Never Worn Pants Before

During this scene, Nesta is clearly uncomfortable with the idea of wearing pants. So, she tells Cassian that she had never worn pants before. Cassian had the best reaction ever by just telling her, “I have no doubt you’d start a riot if you did.” Like, that was probably the absolute best thing he could have done for her in that moment. He was there, he acknowledged her discomfort, but he did not try to be falsely reassuring.

8. Cassian Being Protective

Before they travel to seek refuge for humans who would be impacted by the war and Cassian tells Nesta to kill anyone that tried to hurt her. 

9. Nothing Can Harm You Here

When Nesta is attempting to ascertain the location of the cauldron using the bones and stones method, it was obvious that she was terrified. Even though Azriel tried to stop him, Cassian stood by Nesta’s side with his hand on her back, and he told her, “Nothing can harm you here.” Cassian would do literally anything to make sure that Nesta felt safe, and I love him to pieces for that. 

10. Why Should She Be Scared

One of the best scenes ever is when Cassian taunts Nesta and asks if she is scared. Nesta’s response is EVERYTHING. “Nesta stepped from the open doorway into the blinding light of the courtyard. ‘Why should I be scared of an oversized bat who likes to throw temper tantrums?’” I die each time I read that part because it is hilarious. Nesta and Cassian seriously have the best back and forth banter.

The ultimate Nessian moment for me though is when Cassian told Nesta, “’I have no regrets in my life, but this.’ His words shook with every word. ‘That we did not have time. That I did not have time with you, Nesta.’” I need y’all to know that I come undone every single time that I read that scene. It just guts me, because we all know that they love each other, and now we just need them to get it together.

Now, if you will excuse me, I’m going back to my blanket fort and finishing ACOSF.

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