Fiction Tinker’s Guide to Whimsical Worlds: 21 Tips for Defining Your World

Author: Theodore Niretac Tinker
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From love to nature to language in an author’s world, [Theodore Niretac Tinker] tackles it all.
—Amy Megill,

The starting idea for a story may come easily, but many writers get lost when plunging into specifics. Which details should you seek on your quest to create a convincing world that enchants your readers? How do you keep from getting lost down the proverbial rabbit hole?

With his friendly and down-to-earth approach, Theodore Niretac Tinker—three-time award-winning author and seasoned developmental editor—will guide you through your journey to connect the dots, tie up loose ends, and gain new insights into your world. Fiction Tinker’s Guide to Whimsical Worlds is:

1.EASY TO FOLLOW: Twenty-one tips across seven topics provide a map for defining your world.
2.VERSATILE: Follow the map through the world of any fiction story—historical, contemporary, speculative fiction, and more.
3.REUSABLE: Employ the map as a quick reference or read it straight through.
4.FILLED WITH PLAYFUL SIGNPOSTS: Twenty-one ink drawings capture the curiosity and whimsy of worldbuilding!

Start your journey today and find the knowledge you seek to build an engaging and immersive world your readers will never want to leave.

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