Heir of G.O’D. Epiphany

Author: Harper Maze
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AD 2044 – 4 days until Baktun – Halley’s comet is careening towards 3arth, and only The Heir of G.O’D. can stop it terminating Sol, forever.

With Realworld in a state of chaos, and the number of hacked True-skin weapons threatening to make Sol just as dangerous, Arena sensation Ana must survive for long enough to escape the Cathedral of lies … and discover the truth.

Ana has become a pawn in the political power-struggle between capitalist Sol-Corp, The Church of G.O’D., and nascent clandestine factions. But with an upgrade to her visor, being blind is no longer a barrier to finally seeing realworld for herself, outside the confines of container life; from the despair of corporate controlled ghetto-Havens, to the vulgar opulence of those looking down from their high-towers of wealth. The fabric of Sol is collapsing, but sometimes even a pawn has the power to change the game.

As enemies new and old close in, who Ana decides to trust could make all the difference.

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