Tomboys Don’t Love Christmas

Author: Christina Benjamin
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Hometown heroes trapped under the mistletoe . . . what could go wrong?

Your ‘presents’ is requested at Champs, for the infamous Northwood High Mistletoe Mixer.
There will be hot cocoa, Christmas Carol-oke and all your favorite Tomboys.

The snuggle is real as Alex, Casey, Marissa, Nicole and their swoon-worthy boys return home from college to catch up at their annual Christmas Eve party.

From the outside it seems they’re all living the dream, but when a snowstorm traps the crew at Champs everyone starts feeling a little ‘Claus-trophobic’ and secrets are revealed. Could it be some of our lovebirds are holding on for ‘deer’ life?

Sleigh, it isn’t so!

With more than one romance on thin ice, it quickly becomes apparent the only way to save Christmas is for the Tomboys to join forces again to pull off some Mistletoe Miracles. They form a surprising alliance with Lexy, the queen of resting Grinch-face herself. Has love finally thawed the mean queen’s icy heart or is she up to snow good?

Find out who’s singing “All the jingle ladies”, who’s “Sleigh-in It” and who’s suffering from “Love at frost sight.”

Buckle up for a night of snow much fun!

A sweet stand-alone high school Christmas sports romance.

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