Spencer and the Younger Girl (Gulf City High Book 3)

Author: Michelle MacQueen
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Rule #1 of falling for the younger girl: Don’t let her know. 

Even though Hadley Gibson seems to know everything. 

Returning home after years away isn’t supposed to be easy, but Spencer Lee never imagined it would hurt so much. When he left, he didn’t expect to come back, but one email from his little brother has him running to the family ranch where hard work is an expectation but conversations are not. 

Conversations about why he left, why he came back. 

Why he can’t stay. 

When a senior prank involving the family’s goats at the high school goes hilariously wrong, the prankster herself is sentenced to a spring break of work on the ranch. 

Hadley is everything Spencer detests. Rich. Spoiled. Too darn happy. 

And also in high school. 

Her smile should send Spencer running from Gulf City just like three years before. The constant laughter should remind him how different they are. 

Falling for a ranch hand is against the family’s rules. 

But if there’s one thing Spencer has never been good at its following the rules. 

Beware of sassy goats, ridiculous pranks, and an emotional ride with a HEA.

The Gulf City High Series:

Jesse and the Ice Princess
Roman and the Hopeless Romantic
Spencer and the Younger Girl
Nate and the Invisible Girl

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