Friday Favorites: Television Series

By: Mariah Brown

I am doing something a bit different this time. I wanted to talk about my current favorite television series that may or may not still be on live television still.

The first one I want to talk about is Rizzoli & Isles because I am currently watching it. I love crime shows and some of the forensic techniques used in this series are accurate, which makes it even more fascinating.

The next series I want to discuss recently ended: Supernatural. I have loved every minute of watching Sam and Dean Winchester fighting monsters and the devil multiple times.

If you have not seen Stargate or Stargate: Atlantis, I highly recommend these two. They are not as new, but they are still amazing! I am currently re-watching them both for the third time.

If you enjoy sci-fi, then you would love the series Fringe. It is a bit slow the first few episodes, but then it picks up and you will not want to stop watching. It is binge worthy.

A current series that is still airing on television is S.W.A.T., and it is amazing! There is a lot of action and suspense in it. My family and I enjoy this series because it brings a lot of real life situations into the show.

If you like sarcasm and some stupidity in your shows then Psych is for you. The show is about a person who pretends to be psychic and helps the police department solve crimes.

If you can’t tell by now, I love shows that involve crime. I have many more for you. Even ones that are not crime related. If you have any suggestions on shows I should watch, please comment on this post. I am always looking for new series.

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