Top Ten Tuesday: Gifts for Readers

By: Manuela Soares

Hello readers! Welcome back to another Top Ten Tuesday! With the holiday’s rapidly approaching I thought what better time to put together a little gift guide of ten of my favorite bookish things that I’ve either bought for myself, had gifted to me, would love to be gifted, or have gifted to others that have gone over well.


Starting with the most obvious, books are the perfect match for readers! If you know what their favorite genres or favorite books are, you can go to a bookstore and ask an employee what they might recommend, or you can go on Goodreads and check out what books are similar to the ones they like and go from there; you can also check your reader’s Goodreads page (if they have one) and see what’s on their Want to Read list and pick some options. Also, even if you don’t know their favorite genres or what might capture their attention, you can get them a gift card, and they can pick out what they would actually read. Gift cards work great for digital books as well!

2. Subscription Book Box

I have watched more book box unboxings on YouTube than I probably should, but it has opened my eyes to the sheer variety that is out there for readers. There are Harry Potter themed boxes, fantasy boxes, YA boxes, and so, so many more. Based on what I’ve seen, these subscription boxes have more items inside than merely a book, like mugs, candles, bookmarks, tea/coffee, art, etc. As these are staples for many readers is it really surprising that something like this would make a gift list? Some of them can be pretty pricey if you do a multiple box subscription, but if you can swing it, I think they would be a perfect gift for someone.

3.) Tablet/Tablet Case

Tablets have become just as common as cell phones these days, and they make reading on the go so much simpler as carrying a table is lighter than physical books, and you can have hundreds of books with you at any given time. I bought my mom a Kindle Fire last year for Christmas, and she uses it every day. Though she’s not the biggest reader, tablets have a multitude of purposes and are great for everyone. You can find cases all over the place but there are some places where you can get a tablet case in the shape and appearance of a book! I absolutely love cases like this and depending on the seller, you can find themed ones to fit a readers tastes and style. I love the Harry Potter and Classics cases. I think I may have to pick one of these up myself this year.

4, 5, & 6.) A Bookworms Essentials: Candles, Tea/Coffee/Hot Chocolate/etc., and a cozy sweater/blanket/pair of socks/etc.

Rarely is a bookworm complete in winter without a hot drink in their favorite mug, a nice scent, and a cozy sweater/blanket/pair of socks/etc. alongside their book of choice. While these gifts are a bit more generic, rarely have I met someone who was disappointed with receiving any of these items. What’s nice about these things is that you can easily customize them for whoever the gift is for. There are multiple candle makers out there who sell themed candles (great for fandom aficionados) that pair to a specific book or series of books that are amazing; Etsy is great for this. Find out your person’s preferred scents and go crazy, this time of year always has great sales so finding those perfect scents shouldn’t be too difficult.

For their hot beverage of choice, again, find out what they like and buy them a box or bag, or look into tea or coffee monthly subscriptions that they could enjoy throughout the year or even sampler packs that have a variety; I think most would enjoy something like this. As for a cozy, comfy item, think about what you would love and find something that would fit their style and aesthetic. Curling up with a book wrapped in a cozy and warm blanket with some tea in one of my favorite mugs, a candle scenting the room, and some peaceful music on is fantastic.

7.) Headphones

Music makes almost everything better, and sometimes you either just don’t want to or you can’t have that music on blast, which is where a nice pair of headphones come in. Headphones are great when you just want to curl up somewhere and read with some background music to really get you in the mood. Noise cancelling ones are great and with a little shopping around can be found for a decent price.

8.) Library Stamp Embosser

This is something new to me, but when I saw it, I fell in love. If your reader (or you, no judging here) is someone who loans out their books but doesn’t always get them back, this would be a perfect gift for them (or you). From what I’ve seen on Amazon, there are multiple different designs to choose from and each one is superb! This is the perfect way to make sure books are returned to their owner as this stamps them with the owners name. You could also go for a regular book plate stamp if the embosser seems a bit much.

9 & 10.) Notebooks/Journals & A Nice Pen

More often than not reading and writing go hand in hand, especially for those readers who are also reviewers. Notebooks and journals are perfect for taking notes while reading, writing down any questions or comments to refer to later when writing their review or if they talk about it with friends. You can even find notebooks and journals specifically for reading and book reviews! I love notebooks/journals and have a good amount of them in various sizes, I typically have some sort of notebook on me or in my bag, so I always have something to jot down notes in.

This one might seem a bit out there, but paired with a notebook/journal, a nice pen is a lovely gift to receive. I’m a stationary junkie, I fully admit it, and when I’m writing, I tend to gravitate towards specific pens I own. Pentel fine points, Pilot G2’s and Precise V5’s, fountain pens, microns, jelly rolls, etc. Each pen has its purpose, and I always enjoy writing more when I use them. If your reader has a favorite pen or brand of pen, pick a few up for them, or maybe get them a fountain pen set, they’re relatively inexpensive and fountain pens make everything look better.

What about you guys, what are some of your favorite bookish gifts to give and get? What would you add to this list? Share your ideas and favs in the comment section and a very happy holidays to you all!

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