COVER REVEAL: Immersive by Becky Moynihan

For fans of the Hunger GamesDivergent, and Shatter Me series comes the heart-stopping conclusion to a story of resilience, second chances, and fierce love.

Immersive is the third and final book in The Elite Trials trilogy! The first two books have been some of my absolute favorites the last couple years. I cannot wait for this final part.

Cait Marie (Reactive review) (Adaptive review)

Reactive (Book 1) is currently FREE!!

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Cover reveal for Immersive in…











After events that threw Ryker’s motives and Bren’s well-being into question, a devastated Lune struggles to keep fighting. Imprisoned once more, her only way of escape is to play by her captor’s rules—or face gut-wrenching consequences.

As the race to stop the Supreme Elite unfolds, old friends and new join forces, risking everything for a better tomorrow.

But the Elite Trials aren’t over. And when their purpose is revealed, no one is prepared for the horrifying truth.

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