The Boy Who Kissed Lightning

Author: Cory Mason
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Leo Sharp is not one for surprises. He just wants to make it through his last year of high school, move on to college, and keep everything as simple and undisturbed as possible.

But Leo’s precious status quo is obliterated when a strange lightning bolt crashes into the woods outside his sleepy hometown of Stonington, Maine—and a girl falls out of the sky, alive and uninjured. She’s strong, she’s mysterious, she’s beautiful, and Leo wants her gone. He just wants his life to go back to the way it was, before everything got so damn complicated.

Charming, honest, and charged with the anxious electricity of adolescence, The Boy Who Kissed Lightning is an unlikely story of love that looks beyond faults and differences, and of the pain and necessity of growing up.

~More About The Author~

I’m an author. I’ve self-published paranormal thriller novellas and short fiction in my Millie Hallows series, with novels and more novellas in the same universe on the way. I’ve also self-published a YA romance novel with a fantasy/mythical twist. All of those are available on Amazon. Other than that, I have a nice and always-growing collection of short stories in all kinds of genres available on my site, for free, forever. You should go check those out.

I just want to tell stories. I love seeing people getting joy out of my work. I’m richer for each happy face I see after a person has read one of my stories. Stories are meaningful, and they are powerful. I hope you find a story of mine that brings you joy.

Twitter: @TheBestTomo

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