Blog Tour: “The God Queen” Playlist

From the author, M. L. Tishner:

The God Queen has officially been out for over two days! Thank you so much for all who have helped and participated in my campaign! But the fun is not over yet! I still have some more fun facts to deliver!

Today I wanted to tell you about my playlist. Some of you may know that music is my ultimate muse and I wanted to share with you the songs have helped tremendously in my writing The God Queen.

WARNING! There are spoilers in this post so if you haven’t read the book yet or are in the middle of reading it and don’t want to know certain plot points – STOP READING NOW!!!!

If you are ok with spoilers or already finished the book….shall we continue?

Chasing Twisters by Delta Rei

Ok – so this is more of a shameless plug than anything. I am friends with the bassist and while this song didn’t inspire a particular sing – it is all about Rei – I was born with lightning in my heels…cathedral is the badlands… whiskey on my breath… I MEAN COME ON!!!!! Also, I love this band and if you don’t know them, you should stop reading this post and go listen to them. DO IT!

Past Lives by Ke$ha

If my series ever made to the small screen – is it bad that I would want this to be the theme song? Or maybe have Ke$ha just have something to do with it? I mean this series has to do with reincarnation and its repercussions so why not?

Touch Me I’m Going to Scream, Pt 2 by My Morning Jacket

In an earlier version of The God Queen, I actually had several chapters more about Bronx and his history (his relationship with Niklaryn, how he discovered his gifts, meeting his sister Crona for the first time, etc). During these chapters, I had him also have the same dream as Rei – the ballroom, the kiss on the balcony, finding lovers in a past life, etc. This song played Bronx’s dream in my head like an old school MTV music video with the kiss at the end. Sometimes I like to listen to this song again and again just to remember that dream. *sigh*

The Battle of Crait from Star Wars, The Last Jedi soundtrack

This song was perfect for the attack in Ballarat. I could imagine Rei and Arram running through the streets trying to find the others and then returning for the others. The last moments of the song was Rei calling lightning for the first time and destroying all the Negander in one swoop.

Fading by Alle Farben & ILIRA

This was the moment when Rei realized who Bronx is (shortly after they first meet) and where she had seen his face before – when she dreamed of Atrius – and the feelings coursing through her as she tries to wrap her head around it all.

Kings and Queens and Vagabonds by Ellem

This song helped me map out the scene of Rei wearing her costume for the first time on Trappist V and everything that went through her head as she prepared having to face the public as the God Queen.

Jackie & Ryan Break Free by the Stay All Night Rounders (Jackie/Ryan soundtrack)

This was the moment when Rei realized the loophole in Bronx’s powers – when they could have a physical relationship – followed by good ol’ sexy time. Also, it may help to know that Ben Barnes is my dream Bronx…..just sayin’

Jupiter by Gustav Holst

If Rei ever had a theme song – it would be to Jupiter. The inspiration for Rei came from Sailor Jupiter – the best sailor senshi (sorry, any other opinion is just plain WRONG). 

Lovers by Kathleen Battle from The House of Flying Daggers soundtrack

I imagined Artema’s voice to have the same power as Kathleen as she sang about love in a way that brings Rei to tears. I love Kathleen’s operatic voice – also, seeing a woman of color rock those notes is the kind of epicness I expect from Artema. Also, you have to hear Kathleen rock “Summertime” from Porgy and Bess. (

O Death by Jen Titus

This was the moment when Bronx decided to embrace his gifts to fight the Negander who attack them at the Feather of the Peacock. The whole fight scene plays like something out of the movie 300 and Bronx is just awesome!

The Gravel Road from The Village soundtrack

This song was the one that had the biggest impact on me. It was one of the first scenes to really materialize in my head through a song. This was the moment that Bronx first entered Hamastagan and realized that if he could find Rei, he could bring her back to life. 

Earth from the Gladiator soundtrack

When Rei dreams again for her brother Niklaryn for the first time in years and realizes what Infiernen told her before she died – that he was keeping Niko away for safe keeping – it was to this song. I felt that it portrayed how much these siblings love each other and it reinforces Rei conviction to find her brother and save him.

Are you interested in more?

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