Living Portals: A Sci-Fi Short Story Collection

Author: Timothy L. Thompson
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In throwback Sci-Fi style, harkening to the adventure magazines of the 1950’s, Living Portals is a science fiction collection that includes eight stories of time and space bending adventure featuring Tom Tedesco of earth. In settings from the desert to the sea, Tom (and others) learn how to use, call, anticipate and benefit from a phenomenon they cannot yet explain.

Throughout his adventures, Tom encounters a cast of characters and species that have plans for the portal system that don’t include the best interests of humanity. Tom may ultimately face a fight for control over the portals and the survival of everyone he’s ever cared for unless he can learn the key to accessing the portals and the secrets they contain.

~More About The Author~

Tim Thompson has served as a cook, valet, waiter, car salesman, stockbroker, corporate attorney, associate general counsel, and is currently the Assistant Dean of Online Legal Education at The University of Tulsa College of Law. He is a Christian, husband, and father of two. Throughout his career, he has faced the question of whether to seek adventure or take the safe course. He’s done what’s right for his family, and doesn’t regret it, but now he’s feeding that thirst for adventure by writing fiction. His stories explore the very extremes of human survival in science fiction settings.

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