Author Interview: S. McPherson

Hello! Today, we are excited to bring you an interview with S. McPherson, author of the newly released Dark Saints Academy!! Be sure to check out the trailer for the book at the end of the interview.

1. Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

Hello, I’m S. McPherson and I have been a YA Fantasy author for the past three years. I originally began my writing journey with illustrated children’s books whilst I penned my first novel. Since then, I have published a 6-book series, The Last Elentrice, about magical versions of ourselves in a different world. I have also become a USA Today bestselling author and have another book available for free exclusively on Swoon Reads. Dark Saints Academy is the third series I am working on and I am so excited for book 1, The Soul Catcher to finally be out in the world.

2. Can you briefly tell us about your latest release and why we should read it?

Sure. Dark Saints Academy: The Soul Catcher, follows the life of Ryleigh De La Cruz, who unbeknownst to her, is the queen of Darkness, and Danté Ramirez, who discovers he is the heir of Light. It takes place in a world where demons and angels roam the earth, and when Danté and Ryleigh end up at the same school and strange happenings continue to ravage the world, the profound connection between them becomes clear.  An age-old history, gives them the ability to mend the threads of life or tear the world asunder. And no one knows which way they’ll go.

I think people should read Dark Saints Academy because it will introduce you to a fun and edgy new world that’s brimming with new and twisted experiences and takes you on a thrilling adventure of love, magic and turmoil.

3. What genre/s do you prefer to write and why?

Definitely fantasy with a side of romance! Although I am currently working on a non-fiction motivational book, in fiction, I believe I will always stay in the unreal realms. I adore worlds where anything is possible and when you can never truly know what is going to happen. I love the idea of magic, powers and a world different to our own with different rules and ways of life. When engaging with my readers I often refer to them as dreamers and make-believers, because that’s what my readers are, and the imagination is where the fun is.

4. What is something different and exciting that you bring to your readers through your writing style?

I keep the tone believable and edgy, and I like to hook readers with fast-paced action dappled with lyrical thoughts and heart-wrenching scenes. I include a constant flow of highs and lows that always keep the reader wondering what will happen next. And I write characters that feel like friends.

5. Why do you write?

Because the places I long to see, the people I long to meet and the adventures I would love to embark on, for now only exist in my mind. Writing allows me to experience them. I delve in to every detail and just for a moment, I find magic at my fingertips.

6. You mentioned you have a free book available. Where can readers find it?

Yes, I do have a free book available on a platform run by Macmillan Publishing House. It is a site where readers can go to explore new books and vote on whether or not they should be traditionally published. Readers can find my free book, Ashes of Legends, on Swoon Reads. It is about a world beyond the Bermuda Triangle, a stranded princess and her guard.

7. Where can readers find your latest release?

Dark Saints Academy can be found here:
Book 2 will be out later this year 😊

8. Where can readers find you?

I’m very active on social media and always keen to connect with fellow book lovers.

Here’s where readers can find me:


Trailer for Dark Saints Academy!!

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