Disney Readathon 2019 TBR

By: Cait Marie

Okay, I know I fail epically at readathons and following TBRs, but I am here for this one!! I love Disney more than just about anything in this world. Heck, my own book is a mashup retelling of Tangled and Robin Hood.

The Disney-A-Thon was created by Izzy over at Iz Currently Reading. It runs from August 1-31. There are four teams (Aladdin, Tangled, The Lion King, and Mulan), each of which has its own prompt. If you can’t decide which team to join, take this Buzzfeed quiz to help!

Once you pick a team, you need to sign up here, and create a TBR for your prompts. This TBR list is set in stone–you cannot change the books after August 1! (Exception: If you don’t have access to the group read, you can choose a similar book.)

If you complete your team’s prompts, you can move on to the next team. There is a specific order (Follow the map below!). Team Tangled does NOT have to follow this order, though. All information can be found via Twitter here.

*All graphics (apart from the featured image) are from the Disney-A-Thon Twitter account. They are not mine.*

I’ve chosen Team Aladdin because the prompts feel like something I can actually accomplish. Plus, I can use a lot of my YABC review copies to do so. Kill two birds with one stone! To see the other team prompts, check out Twitter.

**The special ability has been changed. Now, Genie can grant you a wish, and you can DNF one of the books (not the group read) and still get the points!

Alright, now that you get what this readathon is, here are the books I’m going to read!

Jasmine: Read a book that features royalty

Winter’s Captive – Robin D. Mahle & Elle Madison

Aladdin: Read a book that contains romance

Fate & Fortune – Robin Daniels

The Magic Carpet: Read a fantasy book

The Genie Dagger – Bethany Wicker

Obviously had to include this one…

Jafar: Read a book that will suck you into its world, as if in a trance — this book must only be read at dark

Crier’s War – Nina Varela

I still can’t believe I was sent an eARC of this! EEK!

Abu: Read the group book

The Last Magician – Lisa Maxwell

Are you participating? What team are you on? Let me know below!

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