It’s All About The Decisions We Make

Authors: Sharat Srinivasula & Poornima Mynampati
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When was the last time you read an entertaining novel and noticed an enhancement in your life? Or a didactic book and found it to be refreshing?

Wait no more! Dig into this book that is both engaging and instructive. In a book market that is broadly bifurcated as either amusing or educational but not both, breaking that norm comes a Swiss Army knife of books by combining an engrossing journey of transformation of a happy-go-lucky girl with illuminating and inspiring short stories while being enlightening and rewarding to both youngsters and adults.

While teenagers/students find the book worthwhile to utilize a revolutionary technique of context-based learning to better encode and enhance the recall of meanings of 1200 most frequent words encountered in standardized university entrance tests such as SAT or GRE, everyone, regardless of their age, will discover a thought-provoking inspiration and a valuable learning experience in developing one’s mindset, character and vocabulary.

Crafted to improve the readers life and with the understanding that several fold worse than being idle is reading a bad book, this book is priceless for all ages in instilling inspiration and propelling themselves to finding their life’s purpose.

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