Brandi’s Review of “The Traitor Prince” by C.J. Redwine

By: Brandi Goss

This is book three of the Ravenspire series by the same author, and a fairytale retelling of The False Prince and The Prince and the Pauper. We meet Javan, a prince who has just finished graduating, and is on a mission to prove to his father that he is ready to take the throne. However, during the final tests, he faces a few assassination attempts while an imposter takes his place as Prince Javan. Now the real prince must face the truth of his destiny, play a dangerous game with fellow prisoners so that he can reach his father, save his kingdom, and dethrone the imposter. Along the way, we meet some other amazing characters to help Javan make his way to the final round. Oh, and yes, there is a love story somewhere in there… and dragons, elves, poison, traitors, imposters, serial killer (?).

I really say that I kind of love how C.J. Redwine starts off with this naïve character flaw and has them grow in ginormous (and amazing) ways. Javan is the first main character that is male, and yes, the other two books did have a male voice, but this was different. He was this quiet nerd who could not talk with girls. Yet, after realizing that prison life meant a series of challenges while trying to stop an imposter, he really evolves. I also enjoyed getting to explore each challenge from a different point of view. It wasn’t always just Javan and it was refreshing to have so many views. In the last two books, we have these strong females who face off one antagonist, who see the big fight coming, and plans get ruined before finally being subdued. This story, however, was different because Javan had so many different enemies. You have the warden, the imposter, a puppet master, and fellow prisoners. He had so many enemies while just trying to keep the endgame in mind; saving his father, himself, and the kingdom. It wasn’t until the end that we find that Sadja changes some of those goals, and still I have yet to be disappointed in this book. I really, really want a novella of Hansel and Gretel’s retelling of their monster catching business, after escaping a witch of some sort (PLEASE!). This is their second appearance of the series, and I love how they are just these floaters of trading monsters. My favorite quote has now become “fear out, courage in” and I am so happy with Javan growing into such a strong character to make it to the throne. Overall, 5 stars because I will read this again and I want more.

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