Friday Favorites: Things About Being A Reader

By: Cait Marie

Happy Friday! It’s that time again. This week’s topic is “Things about being a reader.” You can find the full list of weekly prompts, over at Something of the Book!

Here are 5 of my favorite things about being a reader:

1. Never bored

Being a reader who has a book on me at all times, I never run out of entertainment. I live for the boring moments when I can just sit and read without having anything else to worry about.

2. A million places and lives

If you ask any reader this question, most mention it as an escape at one point in their lives or another, and it’s true. Sometimes life just gets to be too much, or you wish you were anywhere else–books allow people to live out other lives and stories.

3. Cheap hobby

With a library card and ebook deals, you could read an infinite number of books for free or very little money. I got 50! free books last month alone. That’s not including library books or Kindle Unlimited books. They’re 50 books that are permanently mine.

4. Writing

My life-long love of reading has lead to writing my own books. I never thought I’d be a writer, and last week I applied to a Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing program!

5. Community

I created this blog as a place to ramble about the books I read. I had no idea it would lead to such an amazing community. I have made some incredible friends, been presented with insane opportunities, and now have a dream position as a reviewer for YABC (not knowing how to get such a position was literally why I created Functionally Fictional). I’m eternally grateful for this journey and everyone I’ve met along the way!

What are some of your favorite things about being a reader? Let me know below!

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