Hayley’s Review of “Crescendo” by Becca Fitzpatrick

By: Hayley Green

My review of Hush, Hush can be found here.

This book starts out with Patch and Nora together, but she demands pretty early on for him to tell her that he loves her and no matter what happens they will always be together. As an experienced reader, I knew that spelled trouble. Also, never promise things like that. You’ll never be able to keep it.

Sure enough, less than twenty pages later they had broken up over something stupid and trivial, although suspicious. Chaos ensues, with Nora doing everything in her power to get Patch back by playing games. She also keeps seeing her father, who is supposed to be dead.

The ending was a surprise for me, but I tend not to guess those sorts of plot twists. I wouldn’t be surprised if some of you did. It was a scary and wonderful scene where this person is trying to kill her at the end.

Then all is well, and Patch is back as her boyfriend. Until the cliffhanger ending that made me use a lot of self-control not to pick up the next book right away because there are other things on my To Be Read lists.

Basically, it follows the Twilight formula for a four-book series. At least, that’s what the second book felt like. It felt like a better, more entertaining, less whiny version of New Moon.

I enjoyed it much more than New Moon. It didn’t feel like it dragged, and I finished the book in three days, which is impressive for me. It usually takes me a couple weeks to read a book.

It didn’t feature Vee as much as I would have liked. Although their friendship isn’t healthy, it’s relatable. Overall, I would most definitely recommend this book. I can’t wait to jump into the next one, Silence.

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