Hayley’s Review of “Hush, Hush” by Becca Fitzpatrick

By: Hayley Green

Nora Grey is just a regular teenager. She gets put together with Patch when her Biology teacher changes the seating chart suddenly, and a romance ensues. Patch is mysterious and dangerous, the kind of person who her mother wouldn’t approve of.

She meets Elliot and Jules, a strange pair whom mystery surrounds in relation to a murder at their former high school in Portland. This murder forced Elliot to transfer from his fancy, private education to public high school. More specifically, Nora’s high school.

As soon as Patch and Elliot come into her life lots of things start happening. She starts noticing that she is being followed. She has a feeling her memory is being tampered with. She hits someone with her car and he is fine and starts to attack her, but the car is suddenly fixed without her doing anything to it. Her best friend is attacked and ends up with a broken arm.

Nora starts to wonder whether Patch or Elliot are behind these attacks on her and her friends.

She finds out Patch is a fallen angel, and she is a descendant of a Nephilim. She realizes Patch might have ulterior motives when she touches the strange scars on his back and is thrust into one of his memories.

Nora is a character that I loved. Her relationship with her best friend was entertaining and fun, and the mystery and danger that surrounded Patch made me want to keep reading. Like Fitzpatrick’s Black Ice, I seriously enjoyed this novel. She does mystery and suspense surrounding her characters very well.

She kept me on the edge of my seat by revealing just enough information to keep me reading and guessing about Patch and Elliot. I didn’t see the ending coming this time, but I did guess something was up with the character who ended up being the antagonist.

I love the style that Fitzpatrick writes in, and the way she creates suspense with plenty of romance is enjoyable. I would recommend this book, too, if you didn’t read it already. It was a bestseller back in the late 2000s, but as with most things popular in that age I refused to read it because I was a “rebel” who hated anything mainstream. I’m rolling my eyes at my middle school self, trying to be cool. It’s pathetic and I missed out on a lot of good literature that way. Although I wasn’t missing anything with Twilight, but I digress.

But seriously, I loved this book, and Becca Fitzpatrick has made herself top my list of favorite writers. I recommend this book with all of my heart.

I’m not sure when I will get around to reviewing the next book in the Hush, Hush series, but I will get around to it eventually. Keep your eyes peeled.

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