Cait’s Review of “What If It’s Us” by Becky Albertalli and Adam Silvera

By: Cait Marie

What happens when two of your favorite authors collaborate? You get an adorable contemporary that simply makes your heart smile.

What If It’s Us is written from two perspectives. Arthur is in New York for the summer, working as an intern in his mom’s law firm. Ben is a local New Yorker trying to get through summer school and get over his ex. When Ben goes to deliver a box of his ex’s things, he happens to meet Arthur. They have a moment, but then part without knowing even the other’s full name.

Determined to find each other again, they scour the internet and social media. When they finally find each other, it seems as if it was destiny. That is until their first date doesn’t go as planned and they decide to a do-over. Several times. It quickly becomes the cute Albertalli/Silvera story you would expect.

This book is precious. I love the characters and their individual quirky traits. Arthur has no chill and loves Hamilton. Ben loves to write and play The Sims. Both love Harry Potter. I swear I could be their love child. Both authors write in such a way that’s just so easy to read. They really pull you into the story and get you attached to these lovable characters quickly.

what if its us signed

While I have only read one of Silvera’s books, I loved it. And Albertalli is one of my absolute favorite authors. So, to say I was excited for this collaboration is an understatement, and I was not disappointed. It was happy and funny, and it leaves you with that overall good feeling that’s expected from these two. I really enjoyed this book. If you like either of these authors, I highly recommend checking this one out.

I was even able to get a signed copy, along with some other goodies! It was very exciting. I might have teared up a bit.

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