Who Am I? Book Tag

By: Cait Marie

This tag was originally started by PBS Digital Studios, and I saw it over on meltotheany‘s page! Without further ado:

– If your life were a book genre, what would it be?

Realistically, probably a YA contemporary that’s slightly comedic. I would prefer it be something awesome like fantasy or sci-fi, though.

– What villain from a book do you identify with the most?

This is one of those questions where as soon as I read it, I forgot about every villain in every book I’ve ever read. I actually don’t think there are any I really identify with. I don’t usually like villains in books. The villain I’ve ever “liked” was Rhys in A Court of Thorns and Roses. *SPOILERS FOR A COURT OF MIST AND FURY* The way he’d sacrifice everything for his friends and family I can definitely relate to; I would do the same. Also, I just love him and will use any excuse to talk about him.

– What protagonist are you most similar to?

Simon Spier or Leah Burke. Zero question about it. More Simon than Leah, but still. Between the book and movie, Simon loves Harry Potter and Panic! at the Disco, which are basically my two favorite things ever. No exaggeration. But also just the way he acts and thinks is extremely like myself.

– Which book did you connect with in the past that you no longer do?

Twilight was my favorite book throughout high school. I always felt like I could relate to Bella’s emotions and thoughts, but now that I’m older she annoys me. Granted, I haven’t read the books in years, but I did recently watch the movies and it brought back all the book memories.

– What recent book read would you love to be a character in?

The A Court of Thorns and Roses series. I’m obsessed. I just love the characters so much!

– How do your reading habits show off your personality?

I’ve always had a crazy active imagination. As a child, I would lie in bed and day dream stories in made up worlds. My reading habits show how that imagination and love for fantasy hasn’t changed. I’m also perfectly content reading a book all day, which says a lot in today’s society I think.

– What book taught you something about yourself?

The Fault in Our Stars. This book hit home so much. I don’t have lung cancer, but I did grow up with many respiratory issues and health problems. I also read it about a year and a half after losing my best friend from similar health complications. So, the book was relatable in many ways. However sad, this book also showed me how I made it passed all that and can appreciate life for how beautiful it is. It reminded me of the positivity I had always tried to put in my life.


I’m not tagging anyone specific, but feel free to do this tag to! And let me know what your answers are. Are there any similarities?

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