Hayley’s Review of “The Path to Courage” by Debbie Burns

By: Hayley Green

This book is a short, powerful read that can really help change your life. Based on the writer’s life and overcoming her serious psychological problems, this book gives you seven steps to repeat throughout your life for every type of problem you face.

Find the book here!

She is brutally honest about some of the problems she has gone through. This honesty helps motivate you to do the steps. She uses what she has overcome to help others find the strength within themselves to follow their dreams, love themselves, and turn into the person they want to be. Some of the stories from her life make you cringe with sympathy but are relatable while others make you laugh out loud.

Each of the chapters has resources at the end and actionable steps you can take in order to start your journey of following your dreams and being true to yourself.

An encouraging and motivating read, this book has helped put some of my problems into perspective and started me on the path to following my dreams and loving myself. I would highly recommend to anyone looking for encouragement and easy-to-understand steps to start following their dreams.

You can find more resources from Debbie’s Facebook groups Sacred Rebels with Debbie Burns (a $20 per month group where you get some one-on-one time with Debbie each month), and Creative Central with Debbie Burns (for female fiction writers). You can also learn more about her other services by contacting her through her website at https://www.debbieburns.me/contact

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