Hayley’s Review of “Until Friday Night (The Field Party #1)” by Abbi Glines

By: Hayley Green

There will be a notification when spoilers happen in this review. If you don’t want to find out what happens, stop there.

This book is one of Abbi Glines’ Young Adult fiction novels. Set in Alabama, it is told from two points of view: West Ashby and Maggie Carleton.

West Ashby is the football star running back of the small town’s high school. He has captured the attention from the females and is one of the most popular people at the school. But he is hiding a secret from everyone else, and it is tearing him apart.

Meet Maggie Carleton. Mute by choice due to a horrific scene she witnessed, she is moved to a new high school and a new town to live with her aunt, uncle, and cousin. Her cousin is the quarterback of the football team and is not thrilled to have her there. He is forced to bring her to parties and show her around school, mentioning to everyone that she is off limits and mute.

They meet at a field party (hence the name of the series). West slowly opens up to Maggie, who in turn opens up herself. They become an interesting couple and the talk of the town.

This is a sweet love story for those who want to just have an escape. It is not centered around football, like the title might suggest, but is rather centered around West and Maggie’s love story.

Some parts of it are a bit unbelievable, but are easily ignorable. It was written for teenage girls and being a bit older and more well read made me spot the parts where the characters were acting more for the plot than for their personalities.




What do I mean? Well they form an attachment to one another far too quickly in the book. They also break up later in the book, which was rather unexpected and didn’t fit at all with their personalities in my opinion.

Plus, the ending was blah. It ends with Maggie crying and West comforting her. Not satisfactory at all. I wanted to know more about their journey together, and the bittersweet ending was not at all what I wanted. Plus, there was an unexpected flashback near the end of the book that didn’t add to the plot at all.

But other than those things, the book was good for an escape. It was well written and well paced however flimsy the plot might be compared to the character’s personalities. Not the best book I’ve read, but not the worst either.

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