Mariah’s Review of “Psycho Shifters” by Jasmine Mas

By: Mariah Brown

This is my first ever Omegaverse book, and I absolutely loved it. It started out a little difficult to read because there was some abuse the main character was dealing with, but that situation didn’t last too long. If you have a sensitive pallet when reading, it could be hard to get through.

Once all of the main characters were introduced, I fell in love with them all. They each had characteristics I’d die for in a man, which made every single one of them amazing. It also made me feel like I could be a part of the story even though omegaverse books could never happen.

I really enjoyed the descriptions of the world they were in and then found out that there was something special about the world, which made the setting even more interesting and intriguing, especially while I was figuring out why they were there.

I highly recommend this series to anyone who wants to be introduced to the omegaverse or is even well versed in this theme of the book. I give this book a 6/5 stars as it was that good.

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