Manuela’s Review of “Whispers to a Crow” by Tristan Gray

By: Manuela Soares

If you’re a fan of The Witcher then you’ll enjoy Whispers to a Crow Tales of Seann Àite: Book 1 by Tristan Gray. This short story (55 pages) is the first in the series and is very similar to The Witcher, only Scottish and with a Female Main Character. Instead of Witchers, the order in this book is called Crows and seems to provide similar services.

I love the folklore that’s included in this. Given that this is the first in the series, I can only imagine that the supernatural aspect will continue throughout and that readers will come to learn more about the folklore and the FMC Fiadh. With that, while the story is pretty straightforward, it does seem like it’s missing something. It jumps right into things and only bits and pieces are explained or touched upon. I hope the other books will explain more about the background and world.

One thing to note is that parts of dialogue in this are written in Scottish English as it would be spoken, so if you’re unfamiliar with the dialect/accent, it can be slightly challenging to read and understand. One way to better understand is if you take those parts slowly and try and read them out loud; it makes it more accessible.

Thank you to #TristanGray & @booksirens for a complimentary digital copy of this to read and review.

This review is also/will be posted on the FATL Bookstagram, Fathoms Amidst the Lines, and Goodreads.

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