Cait’s ARC Review of “Fae’s End” by M. Lynn and Melissa A. Craven

By: Cait Marie


A boy searching for an end to the fighting.

A girl trapped in a nightmare of her father’s making.

White walls. Locked doors. A kid’s voice in her head.

Sophie’s father believes she has lost her mind, that her trip to the fae world might have healed her body, but it also turned her into one of them. He’s sent her to a place for humans suffering from brutal encounters with the fae.

But Sophie knows he’s hiding a dark secret. One that will change her world forever.

With the help of a young boy with an odd power, Sophie is determined to survive long enough to reveal to the world what the doctors are doing to the fae deep within the bowels of the Clarkson Institute.

Gulliver is determined to find Sophie. Has to tell her he’s sorry he couldn’t keep her safe. It’s risky, more dangerous than anything he’s ever attempted, but he can’t leave her in that awful place. With two Iskaltian queens at his side, he believes. In the power they possess and the good they can do for everyone.

He’s just Gullie, but Brea and Tia have the power to bring real change.

It might take a miracle to save Sophie and both their worlds, but Gulliver and his friends have a plan. A plan to bring peace to human and Fae alike.

He just never dreamed peace would cost so much.


This is the 12th and final book in the Queens of the Fae series. However, the series is split into four trilogies set in the same world. So, technically, you can read each trilogy on its own, but I highly recommend reading all of them because they’re just phenomenal.

The build up to this conclusion has been an amazing journey. This book was absolutely everything a finale should be. It wrapped up everything so well, and it was fun seeing all the familiar characters come together one last time. I don’t want to say too much since it is the last book, but trust me, it’s amazing.

Gullie has been my favorite since he was just a child back in book four. To see him as an adult and the hero of this last part of the story was great. He has such a big heart. Meanwhile, Sophie has been raised to fear fae, but she finally sees the truth in this book, and that transformation was beautiful.

Then, there’s Toby… my precious, heartbroken prince who deserves the world. When I say his chapters made me cry, I mean I was tearing up multiple times before full-on ugly sobbing. I had to stop reading and message the authors that they were hurting my feelings. It wasn’t a bad hurt though. Totally worth it.

This book wasn’t all emotional either! It also had me laughing more than once.

These fae and their shenanigans have held on to my heart for over three years now. I’m sad it’s over, but it was a great place to end. I can’t wait to see what the authors do next! I’m also eager to re-read this entire series at some point from the beginning.

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