Destiny’s Review of “P.S. I Forgive You” by Chelsea Wolfe

By: Destiny Constatin

Originally Published on Destiny’s Magical Creations

Blurb: P.S. I Forgive You is an inspiring, heartwarming, emotional novel full of romance, painful experiences, engaging characters, and a healing journey through challenging situations. A meaningful story written with emotions to inspire others to heal from their own trauma and to tell others not to let the scars define them.

Featured Quote: “The Letters are how I got everything I felt out of my system. Writing them down was like a weight off my chest and allowed me to breathe again. They allowed me to heal and forgive those who had hurt me, whom I had hurt, and showed me that forgiveness is possible, even through all the pain.”

Book Review:

P.S. I Forgive You is an emotional, breathtaking story about a strong, fierce young woman experiencing pain, loss, and heartbreak as she transitions from adolescence to adulthood to motherhood. Debut author Chelsea Wolfe uses personal experiences to craft a healing journey tale for the protagonist, Maddie. She creates letters to let out the anger, sadness, and frustrations to heal her wounds and to process everything she has gone through in this work of journal-artism. Maddie’s story is intended to motivate people to discuss their trauma and learn to forgive even when it seems impossible.

P.S. I Forgive You is not crafted like a typical contemporary romance or coming-of-age novel. It is divided into three acts; each contains letters based on different experiences, including heartbreak from a family member, best friend, and boyfriend. Each letter is written like a journal entry symbolizing the scars left behind and the bottled-up emotions Maddie needs to release from her mind and heart to heal the wounds to become the person she needs to be for herself and her daughters.

The story begins with a letter written to Maddie’s first love, Cody. Maddie’s first crush in high school. Maddie reflects on their relationship by reminiscing on how they first got together and how she never understood why her best friend was upset with her for dating Cody. Cody was initially afraid to be with Maddie because he didn’t want her to risk her relationship with her best friend. Maddie and Cody’s feelings for each were strong, and their relationship blossomed. After the birth of their daughter, their relationship got rocky. Maddie describes the heartache, the lies, and the arguments they had and her hopes that they can be civil for the sake of their daughter. The descriptive language used by the author paints a vivid image of the couple’s relationship; as you read each of Maddie’s words, you can feel Maddie’s heartbreak. It makes the reader feel empathy and sadness for the main characters and a bit of hope that they can work on their relationship for their daughter’s welfare.

The next chapter describes Maddie’s thoughts and fears regarding her grandfather being sick in the hospital. Maddie’s letter to her grandfather made tears form in my eyes because it made me think of my great-grandma and all my cherished memories with her. She passed away ten years ago, but I miss her every day and often think about what she did that made me laugh and us baking cookies together. The author also has Maddie write letters to herself, which allows the reader to get inside the protagonist’s psyche and get to know her better.

Towards the middle of the story, Maddie writes a letter to herself describing how she feels overwhelmed. Maddie works two jobs, caring for her daughter and keeping up with the household chores while writing and attending school. Maddie is on a mission to earn her master’s degree and earn enough money to buy a house, but she is tired physically and emotionally. She is not getting enough sleep and feels guilty about not keeping up with her appearance—taking time for herself and doing her makeup and hair. She wants to earn her master’s degree and accomplish her goals, but she also realizes that self-care is important. A balanced schedule is better for your health. Maddie’s notes to herself demonstrate her healing journey and the changes in herself. Maddie is growing and making the changes she needs to be the best version of herself. Maddie’s letters to herself stuck with me because I often push myself hard and may put too many things on my plate at once because I am ensuring I am accomplishing my dream of being a teacher and writer. I have to remind myself to slow down sometimes and take some time off to spend time with friends and family, binge-watch my favorite TV shows, and relax.

Chelsea Wolfe’s debut novel P.S. I Forgive You is an inspiring novel full of heart and soul that discusses challenging topics of first heartbreak, sexual assault, losing a best friend, and mental health. The story is challenging to read all at once, but Maddie’s story is beautifully written, and I believe it will inspire others to heal from their trauma. Remember that you are stronger than you think, and God will not give you more than you can handle.

P.S. I Forgive You by Chelsea Wolfe is available to purchase in paperback format and eBook through Amazon.

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