Friday Favorites: New-To-Me Categories Of Books

By: Mariah Brown

Recently, I have been introduced to some different type of genres and book themes. I have never read books in these before now, and I am hooked on them. I can’t wait to find more books in these categories as I love how they played out so far in the books I’m reading.

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The first category that is the newest to me is called the Omegaverse. I had never heard of it until my friend told me about it. Then, I signed up for an ARC that sounded truly interesting and turned out the series was Omegaverse. I am thoroughly enjoying reading these books. The chemistry that is happening between all of the characters is amazing, and I love the ideas that I’m reading. I can’t wait to find more books in this category.

The next category is a why choose theme within romance books. I had never read a book where the main character has more than one partner, but now that I have, it’s been awesome. Do I read them all the time? No. But when I do, the dynamic between all the partners is amazing and well written in the books I’ve read.

Moving on to shifter books. Laura Greenwood got me started in this genre of books. Since I started reading them, I truly can’t stop. The way they are described when the characters shift is mind blowing. I love details and these types of books give all the details.

The next category I want to discuss is mafia books with darker themes. I never knew I was into books that contained darker themes until I started reading all of Sarah M. Cradit’s books and books from Lily K. Cee. I love the darker themes and the details because they make the characters stronger and feel even more alive as I read them.

The last category of books I have recently gotten into is mental health support books. I have been intrigued enough by my own mental health that it has me reaching out to books to see what more I can learn. I never saw myself as a self-help book reader, but I guess anyone can be.

These are just a few categories of book that I have recently found that I love.

Please let me know of any book recommendations you may have within the categories or even from other categories. I love finding new things to read!

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