Stephanie’s Review of “Summer Bound” by Melissa Marr

By: Stephanie Wyatt

Summer Bound by Melissa Marr is a short story that opens the door to her new series set in the same universe. Summer Bound is told in the third-person point of view. This was refreshing to me because the first-person point of view between a few characters is common with most authors today. The story also focused on two side characters: Sioban, a former love of the last Summer King, turned court advisor, and Tavish, a longtime advisor of the Summer Court for centuries. The story follows their day-to-day responsibilities and navigating their budding romance and duty.

I adored this story because I have loved the Wicked Lovely world for years and this had all of the messy fae drama I grew to love when I first read the series. One of my favorite things about short stories in between books in a series is when the author gives a snapshot into the lives of your favorite characters. There was no shortage of that in this book. You get hints of what everyone is up to in the world of the fae.

The book has fade-to-black scenes and talks about trading sex for information. So, if spice isn’t your thing, this may be a good series for you. If you love faeries and court drama, unrequited love, and messy relationships, this story is for you.

Summer Bound by Melissa Marr is a great way to get to know everyone, and a good jumping-off point if you are curious about the Wicked Lovely series. It opens the door for the prequel Cold Iron Heart. World building and universe expansion are my favorite things to look for in a fantasy series, and I am excited to see where the story goes.

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